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Felix the Golden Retriever – A Boy’s Best Friend

By Marcy White October 30, 2014 I am, and always have been, a dog person. My kids and my husband were not. When I wold stop to pet a dog, my husband would cringe as I let the dog lick my hand or jump on me. My daughters would stand off to the side, far […]


First Day of Middle School

First Day of Middle School – Two Perspectives By Marcy White September 26, 2014   Nathan – First Day of Middle School – Morning Routine On the first day of Middle School, Nathan rolls out of bed, brushes his teeth and puts on the new shirt and pants. He picks up his backpack, filled last […]


CFRB 1010 – Radio Interview – July 9 2014


National Post – July 9 2014



Graduation: The Beginning of Round 2

Posted on June 26, 2014 by Marcy White in Yes We Can I was looking forward to writing about Jacob’s graduation ceremony. I wanted to recount the wonderful hour that it took for all 54 kids to receive their diplomas. I planned to describe the feeling of pride bursting out of my chest as my son was wheeled down the […]


Wanted For September 2014:

Wanted:  A school placement for Jacob that is not afraid of a boy in a wheelchair. A school that is interested in treating him as a person, with dignity and respect. Qualifications: – Empathetic principal, willing to put a student’s needs before union policies. – Creative, energetic teacher who can see past his physical limitations and program […]




Will kids make fun of him?

“The kids in his class will make fun of him.” I sat there stunned, until I regained my composure, caught my breath and calmly stated: “then maybe this is not the right school for Jacob.” The setting: the intake meeting at the new school Jacob is registered to attend in September The attendees: the principal […]


Jake Made The Best Roasted Marshmallow!


My Son is My Greatest Teacher

Posted in Yes We Can on Clubmom.ca May 29, 2014 I had no idea how my safe and insular world would be tossed, shaken and dropped unceremoniously on its head with the first breath of my first child in May 2002. It was Jacob’s birth and early struggle for life that led me to my […]

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