Part 3: Dozens reach out on troubles with home nursing care

By: Christina Stevens, Global News Mairead Cavanagh is the mother of a seven-year-old boy who requires 24-hour care. A tracheostomy tube, a PICC line, a feeding tube — those are just of few of the things a nurse who works with Cavanagh’s son Maleek should be familiar with but she said the home nursing care […]

Part 2: Ontario health minister responds to families who say home nursing system failing them

By: Christina Stevens, Global News TORONTO — Ontario’s health minister says that until there is more proof, he does not believe there are systemic problems with families accessing home care nurses across the province. Samadhi Mora Severino, the mother of a three-year-old boy with cerebral palsy, said her son Kian has complex medical needs, which home […]

Part 1: ‘Do we have a nurse coming?’ Families worry shortage puts kids at risk

By: Christina Stevens, Global News Ontario families are desperate for help, saying home nursing care for their children is a good idea but not working as expected. Thirteen-year-old Jacob Trossman spent most of the last year in hospital. His family was elated when they were able to take him home, with provincial funding for 24-hour […]

It’s More Than ‘Venting’ When I Speak Up For My Special Needs Son

I was a very private person before I became a staunch advocate for my son Jacob. I would rather have had gum surgery than talk about my feelings. Things are very different now. Parenting, in general, is hard. Parenting medically fragile children and teenagers is fraught with unimaginable stresses, heart-crushing decisions and endless battles to […]

Homecare Nursing Problems Affect the Whole Family

Home isn’t a comforting place anymore. Last year my brother Peter spent six months hospitalized at St. Gavin’s Hospital. Now that he has been discharged, he requires 24-hour nursing care at home. At first it was a little scary having so many people in the house but by the time school began, I knew them […]

Video Chronicle of Jacob’s first 13 years

It’s never easy to figure out what I can do for my son, but being a techy nerd I can always find some technical thingy to do for him. So before his Bar Mitzvah this past May (I know I forgot to post it earlier) I decided to create a brief videography of Jacob’s first […]

Why I Now Find Halloween Scary

Designing Jacob’s Halloween costumes is an annual project in our house. One year, we built a drum set around his wheelchair. Another year my husband, Andrew, constructed a race car emblazoned with a Ferrari logo. And this year, Jacob went as a Jake in the Box. It was a family venture: I came up with the idea, […]

Why Home Nursing Is Not Respite For One Mom

It looks good on paper. After a year in hospital with machines helping him breathe and tubes sucking out mucous that clogs his airway, my 13-year-old son Jacob, who has a rare neurodegenerative disorder and is prone to respiratory infections, was discharged last summer with 24-hour nursing care in our Toronto home. But aside from […]

What A Difference A Year Makes

Things can change a lot in one year. Last year at this time, I was helping Jacob settle in to his new school, working closely with his teacher and the school’s Vice-Principal to ensure a smooth transition. He was in a large classroom, over twenty kids, all of them strangers. The Special Needs Assistants assigned […]

Why Facebook Is My Lifeline

I love Facebook. It’s fun to see photos of smiling faces and breathtaking views from mountain tops at sunrise. I occasionally enjoy seeing a photo of a glistening filet of salmon nestled on a bed of artistically arranged kale and quinoa posted by a proud home-chef. And sometimes I chuckle at a cartoon posted by […]