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My Introduction to Special Needs Parenting Posted on April 4, 2014 for by Marcy White The world was a very different place when I was catapulted into the arena of special needs parenting. Almost 12 years ago, following a wonderfully uneventful pregnancy, I gave birth to a full term, six pound nine ounce baby […]

Marcy Interviewed on Daytime Toronto

Watch Marcy on Daytime Toronto   p.s. Don’t forget to vote for Jacob here

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The Boy Who Can, the Jacob Trossman Story on CBC Radio

The Boy Who Can

Jacob is my hero

I nominated Jacob as my hero in an international contest run by the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA). It’s a contest that relies on the assistance of friends, family and strangers because we need people to vote for Jacob. There are currently over 700 nominees and the top 10% who get the most votes […]

Why did the crayon cry?

Tom Chau, the man who created Jake’s iPod for him to communicate, was named an Everyday Hero on Global TV this past Friday. Check out Jake’s latest tv appearance. PS: Tom wrote the foreward in The Boy Who Can: The Jacob Trossman Story. Everyday Hero – March 7 2014  

A Little Understanding Makes A Big Difference

A few weeks ago, Jake had a dentist appointment. Getting my son into and out of a car is no easy feat since we do not have a wheelchair accessible van. What I do is wheel him from the house to the car, lift his 54 pound body out of his wheelchair, carefully supporting his […]

Welcome home Felix!

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Jacob. Jacob had 2 cats that he loved but was terrified of all other animals. One of the only ways to stop Jacob’s incessant crying and screaming was to follow his cats around the house and always stay within sight of them. Hours and hours […]

Jacob is 11 today!!!