It’s all about the SMILES

Those of you who know us well, already know how this beautiful child can scream inconsolably for hours on end, especially when he’s with mommy or daddy. Where’s Bracha when he needs her? The picture you see is a rare moment captured forever. You see Jacob does have fun with his dad from time to […]

The most incredible letter to Jacob

It’s been such a long time since we’ve updated this blog and I thought it would be a great way to restart the postings by sharing a letter that was recently written to Jacob by one of his teachers. She manages to sum up the effect Jacob has on so many people in such a […]

Bais Yaakov presentation – May 28, 2008

I am honored to have the opportunity to talk to you today. You might be aware that my son Jacob has been part of the Yedidus program for the past 2 years. You might also know that I think the girls in the program are some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. I’ve […]

Parents seek cure for child’s rare genetic disorder By MARCIE SOMERS, Special to The CJN Thursday, 24 April 2008 TORONTO — When Jacob Trossman was born, his parents immediately knew that something was wrong. When he emerged from his mother’s womb, he was grey and his chest caved in whenever he breathed.Marcy White and her […]

Inspiration from an unlikely source

Facts & Arguments: THE ESSAYInspiration from an unlikely sourceHow could a teenage girl be comfortable taking care of my disabled son when most adults were too afraid?MARCY WHITEsubmissions: facts@globeandmail.comApril 1, 2008 It is so easy to find negative things to say about today’s teenagers. I seldom hear about those who devote their spare time to […]

It’s finally out!

It’s been loose for months. We’ve wiggled it every morning for weeks. We’ve shown it to everyone around. Jacob’s front tooth fell out tonight. And it couldn’t have been timed any better! Around dinner time, Bracha called unexpectedly to see if she could stop by for a quick visit with Jakey. As we were finishing […]

What is ok to ask?

People often ask how Jacob is doing and I’m not really sure how to answer them. Should I simply say “he’s doing well, thanks for asking” or should I tell the truth, which might make them a bit uncomfortable? I believe most people really want to know how he is and truly hope I have […]

Brief update

Well, it’s been a long time since we’ve posted an update on Jacob. He had a great summer, (with the exception of low-grade fevers almost every week and a quick trip to the ER for an ankle xray) and school is off to a good start. And he’s lost his second tooth, with a third […]

Jacob lost his first tooth!

It was loose since his birthday, and on Thursday night (July 18), Jacob’s loose tooth fell out! He was showing his ‘Poppy’ how he can wiggle his tooth with his finger (with mom’s help) and the next thing we knew, the tooth was out. Jacob was so excited, and a bit surprised with the hole […]

Jake Turns Five

As a quick update from my last post Jacob has been doing much better. It seems the botox made an improvement and he’s been in less pain. It does seem to be wearing off, but it is effective. It’s been tough to really guage things lately because of Jacob’s behavior. He seems to get mad […]