It’s finally out!

It’s been loose for months. We’ve wiggled it every morning for weeks. We’ve shown it to everyone around. Jacob’s front tooth fell out tonight. And it couldn’t have been timed any better! Around dinner time, Bracha called unexpectedly to see if she could stop by for a quick visit with Jakey. As we were finishing our supper, I heard someone call me from upstairs. It wasn’t one of those panicky calls, but there was something in the voice that made me head up to check it out. Sure enough, there was Jacob, in Bracha’s arm, with her other hand using a kleenex to dab at his mouth, his tooth in her hand. While we were very excited, Jacob had the strangest expression on his face; it looked like he didn’t know how to react – should he laugh, should he cry? But the more fuss we made, the more he seemed to enjoy his new source of attention. And to make it an even bigger deal, this happened when his Bubby and Grandpa were over for dinner.