The most incredible letter to Jacob

It’s been such a long time since we’ve updated this blog and I thought it would be a great way to restart the postings by sharing a letter that was recently written to Jacob by one of his teachers. She manages to sum up the effect Jacob has on so many people in such a beautiful and eloquent way:

To my very special friend Jacob,
So you were my first friend to know I was getting engaged and it was so much fun telling you, but then again, with you everything is so much fun from dancing in the bathroom, to writing on the wall to catching up on the latest gossip.
Jake, what is your secret? What makes everyone you see fall in love with you? Is it the twinkle in your eyes, your delicious smile or is it something much deeper? I think the fact that a little boy like you can persevere and work so hard with such joy in life, brings out the best in everyone you meet. You just can’t help loving a teacher like you.
Jacob, I think you’re…an inspiration!
Keep making your parents, family and friends proud. I love you always.