Jacob’s report card

Jacob attended Ledbury Park Hebrew school on Tuesday afternoons after school during this past school year. He was placed in a classroom with typically-developing kids the same age as him. He had a great teacher and enjoyed coming to class each week.
Contrary to the ignorant statement by a director of education at a local Hebrew school who believes that exposing young children to kids like Jacob is “too traumatic”, Jacob’s report card illustrates a perfect example of how everyone can benefit from being around my incredible son.
Morah Hadassah, Jacob’s teacher, summarized Jacob’s year in the following report:
“Having Yacov in our class really added to the learning experience. His bright smile and big eyes always brought joy to our class. Yacov’s favorite part of the day was davening, whenever we came across the word “Yacov”, all the kids would point to him. Yacov would get so excited each time and everyone enjoyed watching his face light up. Yacov shows an interest in learning about Judaism. Having Yacov in our class was more beneficial for all of us – the students learned from him and loved reaching out and giving to him. When Yacov was absent or late, all his classmates would ask for him. The students love Yacov and looked forward to his coming each week. I truly enjoyed having Yacov in my class. Thank you for the experience.”
And I thank you, Faigel and Hadassah, for giving Jacob this wonderful opportunity.