A fantastic experience

How can I properly thank Jacob’s princesses for giving him the most incredible experience of his life?
By all reports, including his, he had the best 21 days imaginable. Every picture I saw (and I’d love to see more!) showed him smiling. And the smiles were different from his regular grins – he had a more relaxed look about him, something I can’t quite explain but do notice.
Heading up to camp I was pretty sure he’d have fun. Daily doses of Bracha, Shoshana and Batsheva would ensure a happy time. But he had more than fun. Not surprisingly, he added quite a few princesses to his harem and loves being the center of attention (my son is not shy!).
I was thrilled when I heard he also made a friend, a boy around his own age. I was told that Nosson and Jacob were inseparable. Jacob frequently joined Nosson and his family at meals, and when his parents wanted to locate him, they simply had to find out where Jacob was.
When we drove up to get him at the end of his camp stay, Andrew put Jake’s things in the car and we were ready to go. But his princesses were not willing to relinquish their prince.
As Jacob was passed from group to group, he left a stream of teary-eyed girls in his wake. Each person wanted to have their last moment with our special boy. They wanted to watch his face break into a huge smile when he heard their jokes and listen to his squeaky giggle. It was hard taking him away from them. The one thing that made it easier for Jacob was having Bracha in the car next to him for the next 6 hours!
Thank you to all the warm and loving people who opened their hearts (and arms!) to Jacob at camp. You helped him have a fantastic experience.