Jacob’s first few weeks of camp

Jacob is having a great time at camp. For the month of July, he is at a day camp near our house and is bussed there and back each day. He spends his time engaged in an assortment of activities including music, sensory stimulation, swimming, cooking and painting. Jacob is smiling his huge grin in each photo I’ve seen and tells me he is having a good time every time I ask.

When he comes home from camp, he has been spending time in his stander and/or walker. Watching him zoom around the house in his walker is amazing, and we have to be pretty quick to keep him from purposely bumping into the walls or anything else that is in his way! Seeing him upright in the stander is also an incredible sight – it’s wonderful to see how tall he is getting, something that isn’t always so obvious when he is in his chair.

Watching him swim is still the most awesome (one of J’s favorite words!) sight – with a special neck ring, he is able to swim independently and can do laps in a 23m long pool. He propels himself with his kicks and uses his arms in a dog-paddle. It’s simply astonishing to witness. When I figure out how to upload a video from my phone to this blog, I will post it.