"Can I have some alone time with Jacob?"

Watching friends’ children interact with their siblings made me realize that my daughters don’t have the same relationship with their brother that most kids have with their brothers or sisters. That fact wasn’t really surprising to me but it did make me sad. Jacob’s sisters don’t run to hug him when he gets home from school and they have to be coaxed to say good morning when he’s wheeled out of his bedroom at the start of the day.

But things are starting to change. It may be that Sierra and Jamie are getting older, or maybe because they see how many ‘princesses’ love spending time with him, or they are simply learning how to ‘play’ with him.

A few nights ago, as I was getting her ready for bed, Sierra looked at me and asked “can I have some alone time with Jacob?” She wanted to play with him by herself, something she has never done before. She asked that she be the only one in his room with him and wanted me to wait in the hall. She requested 4 minutes with him. My heart nearly burst with happiness as she walked into his room and asked him if she could play with him by herself. He smiled and I left the room.

Not to be outdone by her sister, Jamie asked for some time with him as well. A short while later, Jamie was running down the hall, pushing Jacob in his chair and making him squeal in delight. He was loving their games and his sisters were enjoying playing with their brother.

My daughters may not have the same type of relationship with their older brother that most kids have with their older siblings but they are developing a special bond with Jacob that was evident when he saw them enter his classroom at school and laughed so loudly that everyone in the room heard him.