Jacob’s report card 2010

Jacob attended Ledbury Park Hebrew School for the second year in a row. He was in a class with kids his own age and had a great time. Each week, when the school bus would drop him off at home at 3:15, we would put him in the car and head up to the program for his after-school Hebrew program. When he started in the class last year, he often wouldn’t make it to the end of the 2 hour session. But this year, he managed to stay alert and interested for the entire time. I’m not sure if it was the material that he adored, or simply being around kids his own age who would talk to him and be interested in what he was doing.

A few days ago, his report card came in the mail and it made me smile. The Comments section read as follows:

It was an honor to have Yaakov in my class this year. Yaakov shows a tremendous desire to learn and loves the kids in the class almost as much as they love him! Continuously throughout the day, the kids come over to Yaakov to look at his work, give him different things, or just to ask him different questions. Yaakov’s two favorite times of the day are davening and music. During davening, the smile Yaakov gets on his face when all the children point to him when we sing his name in our song is unforgettable. The days that Yaakov was not there on time for davening, the children requested that we sing the song again once he arrived. Yaakov should be proud of what he has accomplished! It has been a pleasure teaching you and I will miss having you in my class.

He’s already signed up for next year!