Nightline Interview

Just a few days before Nightline was scheduled to come interview Marcy and me we received incredible news from our research team at Wayne State. The drug we’re testing appears to have a noticeable effect on the sick mice! Before long we managed to download several video clips of our dear little mice. Of course Ethan, our Nightline producer, was thrilled to get this news as he’d already planned to air our story.

On Wednesday a local camera crew showed up at our house and transformed our family room into a television studio ready for John Donvan to fly in for an interview. John was a very warm, interested and compassionate interviewer who spent a few hours with us discussing our lives since Jacob was born.

After the interview along with the camera crew, TV producer, Nightline correspondant John Donvan, we headed to Zareinu to film Jacob at school.

This was a big day for all of us…..