Here is a copy of a blog post from my friend Laura in support of Jacob.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Toronto District School Board Has No Shame

Thank you to David Menzies from SUN TV for doing a story on my friend Marcy and her beautiful son Jacob. 

And thank you to all my blogging buddies who have posted the story: you are my partners in crime and I love you.

I’ve been trying to help Marcy get this story out there.

Why is it that a kid in a wheelchair cannot be accomodated, but yet there is the budget and ongoing support for Afrocentric schools and a public school in Toronto that has virtually become a Muslim parochial school.

There are arts schools, and alternative schools, but one disabled kid-who has finally made friends with regular kids cannot be accommodated?

But again, the question is how do you shame people who have no shame?

Why are they choosing to make life difficult and indeed-excruciating for this family. Why-when they can choose to make his life better, more enriched and more meaningful are they punishing him?

Hasn’t Jacob Trossman suffered enough?

Haven’t his parents already spent enough hours trying to get him the education that he deserves, and that he is entitled to?

Why shouldn’t their municipal tax dollars go toward an educational appropriate setting for a kid whose body has trapped him, but whose mind is working, curious, loveable and can learn a lot of things?

Why does the TDSB hate disabled children?

Are there any more families out there that are being punished by the TDSB?

Are there immigrant families who cannot deal with this situation? I bet this is the tip of the iceberg.

These people are supposed to be the “experts” and the “specialists”.

Of all the pedagogical disciplines they gravitated to Special Education. Nobody has forced them to choose a career dealing with retarded, disabled and sick children.

Is there something not incredibly sick about the way this family is being treated?

How can these people look at Jacob and choose to make his life harder?

OH RIGHT: They have never met Jacob.

They never have to look him in the eyes.

Shame on the Toronto District School Board-a despicable lot you are.

Please share this story.

Let’s shine enough sunlight on this story that they have no choice but to “allow” Jacob Trosser to attend the school that wants him, that can nurture his mind and spirit and that accepts him for who he is.

Check out Jacob’s web site if you want more information about PMD.

Let’s make a difference.